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This post is sponsored by Hasbro, but all opinions are my own!

With 5 kids 20 and under we've spent a small fortune on Nerf blasters and darts over the years! Every single penny has been worth it for the fun they've had, though! I remember in the years when our oldest two were younger we’d get together with other families and the kids would spend hours outside playing in Nerf battles with each other. Once the boys got older it was only natural for them to join in on all the Nerf Blaster action.

Once we decided to hit the road we had to par down the toys dramatically. We knew we couldn’t bring a ton of toys into the RV and we knew what we did bring in, and what took up space, had to prove itself to be a toy that would be played with often and was worthy of taking up the valuable real estate space. Time and again the Nerf Blasters have proven their worth with the space they take up! More recently the boys have started playing Fortnite with their friends. Since we limit the amount of time they can spend playing on screens that means their Fortnite time is also limited. What’s really cool though is that Hasbro has released Nerf Fortnite B-AR Blasters. That means that even when the boys aren’t playing Fortnite on screens the fun can continue outside with their new Nerf Blasters!

These Fortnite B-AR blasters are motorized so they spit out darts rapidly with the pull of the trigger! The boys think this is especially fun when sabotaging their sisters! With the holiday season arriving soon these blasters would make perfect gifts for the Nerf lovers and the Fortnite lovers in your life! Fast blasting innovations allow kids to live the action from their favorite game, and take on the competition in a friendly battle. It helps to get your kids off screens while still allowing them to play with their favorite brands and these blasters can be found at Wal-Mart which makes shopping for them so easy and accessible.

You can actually shop your favorite Fortnite Blasters, both old and new, at Walmart. From Top Rated By Kids 2020 Nerf Fortnite DG to the newest Nerf Fortnite B-AR, there is a blaster for every Fortnite fan! Grab them at your local Walmart, or order them through or the Walmart app, and have them sent directly to your house. (Who doesn’t love to save a trip to the store) Another suggestion would be making sure you order batteries. The Fortnite B-AR Blaster is motorized so opening it without having the right sized batteries would be a huge bummer. And, grab extra darts because they make perfect stocking stuffers for whoever is receiving a new blaster! Because, I can pretty much guarantee that these blasters will be a hit with whoever receives them!

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