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How to Book an RV Park Resort in 2022

We owe you an apology.

And offer you a solution.

(So read on!)

A couple weeks ago on Instagram we talked about wintering in Florida. So many people either commented, or messaged us, saying they felt like they were too late to the game to book anything in Florida. And, were pretty bummed about it because who doesn’t want to head to the hot southern sun if you can!

To every person who shared those fears we responded with every good intention reassuring them that they weren’t too late. And, while we still believe that to be true. We have realized something.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve realized….

Florida IS so much harder to book this year! Like, a lot harder.

The border is open to Canadians again so they’ve scooped up a ton of sites and there are so many more families on the road now.

The secret to being a young snowbird is out!

And here’s our apology…. we’re sorry if we gave the impression it really wasn’t that hard.

Because this year it HAS been harder to find and book spots. Especially it you’re being specific in your dates and location preferences. In prior years we haven’t had this much issue but with a little persistence we have always been able to find pretty much any reservation we’ve wanted.

But, this year, it’s just been tougher. There’s no other way to say it.

BUT now we offer you a solution!

A few weeks ago we also told you about Campsot and suggested using Campspot to book RV resorts and parks across the country.

And, now, we think Campspot is going to save our snowbird winter for us!

Campspot allows you to search a specific date range and area and then shows what is available within your search criteria.

What’s great is that you can set the mileage radius so if you have either date, or location, flexibility there is no doubt you’ll be able to find somewhere to stay! Being flexible really is the key here, though.

Through the Campspot website you can search by specific resorts. So, if you have a resort or park in mind you can specifically look for dates there. However, if you have flexibility, and simply just want to be in the warm southern sun, Campspot will show you all the options available within a milage radius, which is great! I have a general route I’ve been trying to stick to in Florida this winter so as I fill in our calendar with parks I’ve been able to secure I’ve been searching Campspot for a parks in a general area within a specific date range. The website also allows you to filter through park/resort amenities that may be non-negotiable for your family.

Another great feature is that not only does it search for RV spots but you can also search for cabins and lodging and tent sites. So this is not an RV resort exclusive booking site! This is great if you’re leaving your rig behind for a few days or if you’d like to meet up with your non-RVing family somewhere!

We’re obviously honed in on Florida this season but Campspot searches go for any season and any location. And, no matter where you want to go you'll find a park because they’ve partnered with 1,200+ campgrounds across North America and are quickly growing their campground inventory! We’ve definitely put it to good use since we discovered this website in the fall! The RV community will just continue to grow. For those of us who have been RVing for awhile this can add frustration to our route planning, for sure. But, the truth is, like everything over the past 20 months or so, this isn’t changing so we just have to learn how to pivot and adapt. So we love that Campspot is providing this solution to the current problem!

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