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Ruckify - A peer to peer rental service

When we sold our house and property in Texas we also sold about 95% of our stuff, too. We sold or got rid of so much excess we thought we needed at the time of purchase. We decided so much of our stuff wasn’t worth saving and paying for storage for those things or they simply didn’t make the cut to come in the rig with us. For 2 years we didn’t really need anything in our storage unit but now that we’ve purchased a home base we’re realizing there are things we sold that we actually do need now and possibly wish we would have kept. We have yet to get clean out of our storage unit in Texas and bring the things we did keep up here to Tennessee so we’re having to make the decision to rebuy things or not. Somethings we’re realizing we could use we either sold or are still in storage so we’re facing the decision on whether or not to repurchase those items or not. That’s why when I found out about Ruckify I was so pumped. Ruckify is a peer to peer sharing market. Sort of like an Airbnb of things rather than houses.

Ruckify provides its users with the freedom to do what they want

when they want without the restriction of time, storage, price, and

availability. While also encouraging sustainability by reusing items

throughout the community without having to buy new or throw

away the neglected.

Basically instead of purchasing an item we might only use once or twice we can rent the item from someone else who owns it and has listed it through Ruckify. How cool is that?! Ruckify is also an extremely eco-friendly option, and because of that,

Ruckify has the potential to be a long term, sustainable solution for

our future. Every item rented means one less item created, purchased, and ultimately ending up in a landfill.

That element of the service is also a huge benefit to us because we definitely want our world to remain beautiful and accessible for exploring for our kids and future generations. Knowing we can rent through Ruckify and essentially be better stewards of the earth we’ve been given is a huge plus for us! Not only is the ability to rent items useful in a stick and bricks house but also while we’re on the road RVing. Since Ruckify offers everything from kitchen items to outdoor adventuring gear, like kayaks and paddle boards, we can rent that gear while we’re on the road instead of having to figure out how to store it in the rig! (And that makes Derek super happy!) Because we’re finding ourselves knee deep in kitchen and RV renovations we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give Ruckify a try. One of the things we’ve contemplated investing in is a paint sprayer. Since we found out about this service we decided we’d go ahead and rent one this time instead of making the purchase. This allows us to try it out and utilize a paint sprayer that someone else already owns but are not currently using. Think about what a great service this is…… We all have excess stuff sitting around that we use on a very limited basis. Ruckify allows others to get some use out of our stuff and allows those who list items to make some extra cash on the stuff they already own! Its a win win for both the consumer and owner! For our current RV project we knew painting with a paint sprayer would expedite the project a ton so we opted to find one on Ruckify to rent. We found a guy renting out his paint sprayer and place the request through the service. He approved and delivered the item for us! The communication was very easy and the process was flawless! One of the modifications we chose to make with the RV is adding some more character to our rig through added details on each door. Derek removed the doors form the hinges and used lattice to create geometric designs in the existing panel sections. We wanted each door to look the same to maintain a consistent look throughout the rig so he made sure to cut each piece the same and label accordingly for each door itself. After cutting and gluing each piece of lattice to the door he caulked along the edges of each board so it has a professional finished look to it. Once the caulking was dry the painting process started! This is where our rented paint sprayer comes in handy! Since we’ve never actually used a paint sprayer before now Derek spent some time watching some YouTube videos that explained how to use the sprayer. They also provided some tips on making the overall process flow better. Honestly, I’m not sure how people figured stuff out before the days of YouTube tutorials, ha!

We decided that starting with the doors of our RV would be a great beginner project with he paint sprayer. Part of our RV renovation process plan was creating geometric designs to each door front. Derek added the designs to the doors and the paint sprayer was such a helpful way to prime and paint the doors! It wasn’t something we’re ready to invest in so renting it was perfect!

A little more on why setting up a storefront on Ruckify just makes sense. Who doesn’t love some extra money? Maybe you want an actual side hustle to supplement your income? Ruckify meets both of those desires! Since we all have excess stuff lying around we can list it on Ruckify and start renting it out. Once uploaded to your storefront people will begin seeing it in their search inquiries. Everything you share as an available rental is insured through Ruckify so that lifts a huge weight off your shoulders about whether or not your stuff will be ‘safe’ while renting it out. You deliver the item to the renter and pick it up after their rental period ends. For those who are concerned about germs during this season this is a perfect contactless delivery option! One RuckifyStore owner testimonial that caught our eye was this: “I’ve been renting out my stuff for 39 days on Ruckify and have made over $2700. I call that a win!” Can you imagine pulling in over $2700 on stuff you just have lying around your house!? It’s like money sitting there waiting to be made! Its such a brilliant plan for the consumer and owner! So, now that you know Ruckify exists you need to give it a try either as a renter or owner! Ruckify is offering everyone who is reading this $35 in RuckBucks to be used towards your first rental! Simply use this link to sign up or code LINDSAYLANE and start listing or renting! What that means is you can give it a try with little to nothing out of pocket the first time!

We both know you have a ton of stuff lying around your house that others would be thrilled to get some use out of so why not give Ruckify a try!

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