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3 Cabins left
4 RV Spots

1- Head to this link to Register-

2- Choose a payment method:
Paypal is holding funds so we are turning the option to pay through PayPal off for the time being. 
Venmo @Lindsay-Lane-82

request a Quickbooks Invoice by emailing

Zelle provided upon request. 

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete use Coupon Code: 
Venmo if paid via Venmo
Quickbooks if paid via Quickbooks

This code will wave the fee listed here and complete your registration. 

Please note-
registration is NOT complete until form is filled out, deposit, or full payment is recieved, AND you have completed the "purchase" on this page using the coupon code. 
A welcome email will be sent to you upon completing the last step.

Excited to have you join us!! 

Please rememeber that the $300 is non-refundable. This fee WILL be applied towards your final balance. 

RV spot- Oceanschool Family Beach Retreat -Deposit