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Feeling stuck with starting your social media account and need help getting off the ground?

Have a brand deal that you need help knowing how to negotiate? 

Want to pitch a brand but still feel a little clueless about what to say and what to offer? 

Then this consult call is for you! 
In this 1 hour call I will discuss the answers to your burning questions to the best of my ability. 

With well over 6 figures in brand deals, luxury all inclusive get aways, staying in Iceland, France and Italy for free along with hosted and paid media trips to destinations around the US and Mexico I would love to offer my knowledge of influencer marketing to help you achieve the brand deals you desire! 

IMPORTANT: Once purchase is complete you will receive and automatic download. This download contains the link to schedule your call. If you overlook or do not receive the automatic download for some reason please email for link. 

Here's what other influencers are saying:

Lindsay really helped shape my entire career working with brands! She walked me through how to pitch in a way that really made me stand out in the sea of requests they always get. Her guidance is how I got my biggest ambassadorships and brand deals and I really wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if it wasn’t for her encouragement, support and guidance! - Cassie @wildthornbaileys

Lindsay was the first social media account I came across in the RV full time living space. She inspired me to start sharing on social media and encouraged me more then she will ever know🥰I was so beyond thankful when she reached out to me as a smaller creator and included me in on a giveaway she was doing!Her help and guidance for the little things have helped me tremendously over my journey. I’ve bounced questions off of her for negotiating contracts and knowing my value and that is priceless information!- Ashley @peeples.and.places

If you know Lindsay, you know she’s always willing to help. She has always been an incredible source of information and guidance as I navigated the world of social media. There have been many times that I’ve sent her questions and scenarios regarding brands I was working with and she graciously walked me through each one to make sure I achieved the best outcome. Not only did she help me in each of those situations but she also taught me valuable lessons about negotiation along the way. I highly recommend this masterclass and any amount of time you can snag to learn from Lindsay Lane. She is the absolute best!- Alicia @SimonCrewOnAdventure


1:1 Social Media Consultation

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