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The American's a trap!

It keeps the family unit unhealthy and dying in our current culture and that is exactly the way it's intended to be. 

I want families to find freedom from this modern day slavery!


Since we’ve discovered a way to do that, have been successful and it has allowed us time freedom, I want to share that with anyone who is desiring to break free!

In this Step 2- Beyond the Basics- class I’ll give you
+How to find brands to work with.
+How to reach out and what you should say.

+What you should charge a brand.

+What to do if they offer you a product but you'd like actual money.
Along with other basics in getting started partnering with brands and sharing sponsored posts.

I’m launching this zoom class for the very first time with the introductory price of just $50!

By joining this class you’ll be equipped to get started towards making money with your account no matter the current size!

I’d love for you to join and to have a little part in helping your family find freedom from the rat race in a small or a big way!

Click on images to check out brands that we have partnered with!

The proof is in the pudding! 
What others are saying!

Lindsay really helped shape my entire career working with brands! She walked me through how to pitch in a way that really made me stand out in the sea of requests they always get. Her guidance is how I got my biggest ambassadorships and brand deals and I really wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if it wasn’t for her encouragement, support and guidance! 
- Cassie @wildthornbaileys

Lindsay was the first social media account I came across in the RV full time living space. She inspired me to start sharing on social media and encouraged me more then she will ever know🥰
I was so beyond thankful when she reached out to me as a smaller creator and included me in on a giveaway she was doing!
Her help and guidance for the little things have helped me tremendously over my journey. I’ve bounced questions off of her for negotiating contracts and knowing my value and that is priceless information!
- Ashley @peeples.and.places

If you know Lindsay, you know she’s always willing to help. She has always been an incredible source of information and guidance as I navigated the world of social media. There have been many times that I’ve sent her questions and scenarios regarding brands I was working with and she graciously walked me through each one to make sure I achieved the best outcome. Not only did she help me in each of those situations but she also taught me valuable lessons about negotiation along the way. I highly recommend this masterclass and any amount of time you can snag to learn from Lindsay Lane. She is the absolute best!
- Alicia @SimonCrewOnAdventure

Step 2- Leaving the American Dream Behind Zoom Class